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My name: shahrul nizam
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From: Malaysia
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Wan Ameer Haziq
Latest entry:Paintball @ Dusun Ali King
cant wait to repeat again .. View this Fotopage entry
Baka Dasu
Latest entry:i-City
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M Jeffri Razali
Ni satu lagi entry yang lama terbengkalai. Since tengah ada sedikit masa nak spare ni, uploadkan jugalah sebelum basi gambar ni. Rasanya tak payahlah nak cakap kat mana ni sebab mesti ramai yang tahu...:-d Hari ni tak de idea nak tulis apa lak. Minda tengah beku pulak. So just enjoy je lah pix ni. http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1135622623() http://s06.flagcounter.com/more/GdN() View this Fotopage entry
Malique Firdauz and Iva Ilyana
Latest entry:Qistyna Alisya's 2nd Birthday Bash!!
Qistyna Alisya's bday was on the 30th march. But because it was Tuesday...& so we decided to do it on Saturday the 3rd April.....we had such a blast!!! thank you all for coming! * ] View this Fotopage entry
faiz fisal
Latest entry:nao wedding
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my pokcik
Latest entry:2nd Workshop
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wirda rasid
Latest entry:salam aidilfitri
berkurun jugak tak buka FP ni.. so saje nk upload.. Selamat hari raya semua...(ade lg ke yg buka fp aku ni..mcm tade je.hahaha :P ) View this Fotopage entry
Ezwan Emary
Latest entry:Pinjam org punyer
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af harun
Latest entry:snow 09
it was snowing that day and i didnt go to work. View this Fotopage entry
Hasnizam Photography
Latest entry:Salam Maal Hijrah 1430 / Selamat Tahun Baru 2009
Salam Ma'al Hijrah 1430 Daripada saya kepada semua umat Islam seluruh dunia, marilah kita berdoa bersama-sama untuk kesejahteraan semua umat Islam. Amin. Hasnizam Hashim 31 December 2008 View this Fotopage entry
AzRy SyaH
Latest entry:Edisi : Selamat Tinggal Fotopages
Aku dah tak pakai fotopages dah sekarang. Aku dah ader blog sendiri, so kepada peminat2 aku (wah, terlebih sudah...) boley ler melayari ke laman blog aku. http://lanunlaut.blogspot.com/ View this Fotopage entry
Senja Nan Merah
Hanafi Nadzri
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mis niaa
Latest entry:i miss you, guys.
after long...pause... this is my very first entry for 2009. i truly misses everyone i know...my fotopages friend. but seems like everyone has moving huh? this might be my very last piece, maybe? i am moving too... oh, i am so emotional. to everyone i know, who know me, i really appreciate if you could leave your contact information (preferably via fotopages private message) so we'll stay to keep in touch. thank you. misniaa View this Fotopage entry
but when get back indoor, he's totally flat!
Intan Maria Mazna Ahmad
Latest entry:sayonara...
dear to my beloved viewer of intanmaria FP Maybe saya dah kurang upload kat sini. Now ni, banyak ke Friendster and Face Book See you there, www.friendster.com/intanmaria http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1032410622 View this Fotopage entry
Rosli Othman
Latest entry:2008 Cardiff Race For Life
These are some shot of the 2008 Cardiff Race For Life held at Bute Park, Cardiff. The race is held to raise money for Cancer Research UK Foundation and is a womens-only event. If you see yourself or anybody you knew in the photos and would like to purchase any of them, please send me an email (with your full name, contact details and photo numbers) and I will get back to you with the details as soon as possible. Click the link above to view all the thumbnails * ONLY £5 per print (4"x6") including pos... View this Fotopage entry
Trey tm
Latest entry:Lights Arbiter
I have not quit the photography world...I'm still active over a another site I've just been bz View this Fotopage entry
LEa unTold
Latest entry:I'm Back in Malaysia!!!!
Dear All... Got back from Msia last end of July....YES..no updates..will do soon.. Anyhou..thanx for the comments..thanx for keeping in touch.. I'll be back with more shots soon...take care and happy Ramadhan next month Salam... Lea View this Fotopage entry
Saiful Nang My Private Photoblog
http://blog.saifulnang.net() Dah lama merancang tapi hari ni nak kena kuatkan juga semangat untuk say good-bye juga kepada fotopage. Dah 3 tahun lebih jatuh bangun kerjaya dan kehidupan saya diceritakan didalam fotopage ini. Tapi sekarang, masanya untuk berpindah. Kepada semua follower fotopage, please please please jangan lari. Sila lawati the new page. Mudah untuk anda dan mudah untuk saya. Dan lebih control untuk macam2 perkara. Terima kasih atas support semua. Dengan ini, saya ishtiharkan...inilah... View this Fotopage entry
Ed Sh
Latest entry:Wheel of Brisbane at Southbank, Brisbane, Queensland.
Selepas menonton bunga api tu....terus snap gambar-gambar ferris wheel ni.... View this Fotopage entry
shops at Mt Aubrun St.
Fujiwara Takumi
Latest entry:IEEP KAHS 07
View this Fotopage entry
KNizam Omar
Latest entry:Jalan-Jalan kat Pangkor Island - View of My Room!
hehehehehe saya telah sempat bercuti ke pulau pangkor 1 malam sahaja. itupun setelah penat manganjurkan kejohanan hoki tertutup mckk di staidum hoki astriturf majlis perbandaran manjung di manjung View this Fotopage entry
ocean view room yang cun giler!
Saiful Bahri
Latest entry:.: The Old West - Gunfighters & Cowboys :.
This time is about the Americas..not UK. I bought books about true stories of 'The Gunfighters' & 'The Cowboys' published by the Times. Found really amazing photographs inside and thought that it would be wise to share here. Wyatt Earp..remember the 1994 movie? View this Fotopage entry
Lady and gun
Y u s r e e And His Camera
Latest entry:energy
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Ahmad Fakhrul Rozy
Latest entry:Graduasi Chuck!
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Azhar Ahmad
Latest entry:Resting Till Heal
Hi Everybody! Maybe somenone who knows me earlier will forgetting me now. Anyway, I'm really sorry to all of you to see my entry. Actually, this is my last semester at UTM, and will go to Kuantan for KUKTEM. So, maybe... i'll update all entry after got my Nikon D50! Stay tuned Beside this is my web link if you want to know what i'm doing and so on... Chiaoooowwwww!!!! My Website : http://azharahmad.com My Blog : http://azharahmad.com/blog/ My Gallery : http://azharahmad.com/gallery/ View this Fotopage entry
Final Year 13
Marizan Nor
Latest entry:Bukit Merah Lake Town Resort #5
The Eco Park The Eco Park is one that makes the resort different from many others. BMLTR is one that responded to the new marketing trend of Eco Tourism. The Mini Zoo was nicely laid out. Within it, you have the Bird, the Reptile, the Mammal and the Marine Parks. The walks along the parks were pleasant and educative. The jungle vegetation lends a natural animals spotting setting. The animals too don’t appear to be as stressful as those in traditional zoo. The main lake is a haven for fresh water fi... View this Fotopage entry
... frontal: thanks again ...
kayu sakti
Latest entry:{ Padang, Indonesia }
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Syed Imran
View this Fotopage latest entry
Shaliza Mokhtar
Latest entry:Hello & Goodbye
I've compiled my works at http://shaliza.viewbook.com which will be updated from time to time. Thank you so much visitors, it has been emotional. View this Fotopage entry

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